The Panamanian Delegation to the International Maritime Organization (IMO) with headquarters in London, England, presided by the Minister of Maritime Affairs and Administrator of the Panama Maritime Authority, Jorge Barakat Pitty, supported the renewal of the contract of the General Secretary of the IMO, Kitackt Lim, to head this organism.

Representing Panama, a member of the Category A of the IMO and the country with the biggest contribution to the organization, since it is the biggest Ship Registry in the world, with more than 8,000 registered ships; Barakat Pitty was in charge of proposing and substantiating the reasons due to which Mr Lim shall remain in charge of the future of the organism, from 2019-2023. This decision shall be taken at session No. 31 next year, according to Article 22 of the Constitutional Convention of the IMO.

Kitack Lim, was appointed on 2015, as head of this organization, which regulates the maritime global policies, received Panama’s support on the basis of what is established in Articles 22, 52 and the following ones, of the Constitutional Convention of the IMO.

According to Barakat Pitty, General Secretary Lim, has been a one-piece-man, open to listen to the needs of the sector, the needs of the States and the needs of the whole organization. He is always willing to engage into the constructive dialog. Lim also has great people’s skills, qualities that project him as the suitable leader to keep directing the efficient administration of this international agency.

In his speech, the Minister of Maritime Affairs of Panama, reviewed almost four years of the Lim’s administration, highlighting his achievements. Barakat said that in matters of cooperation, important projects are being executed, such as the Centers of Technical Maritime Cooperation, related to the Global MTCC Network initiative, the GloMEEP, Global Industry Alliance and the Resource Mobilization Strategy: Our Trip Together. He also addressed the promotion of the IMO’s state, as global regulator of the shipping industry and its projection to improve the cooperation among all the interested parties, that are “important initiatives attributable to Mr Kitack Lim, who has always had in mind, improvements to the Logistic, Port and Shipping Industries”.

Finally, Barakat Pitty, praised the recognitions that the General Secretary of the IMO has received by the States benefited with projects, the efforts for the Sensitization and Evaluation of the Contribution of the IMO to the achievement of the objectives of the Agenda 2030 of the United Nations for the Sustainable Development.