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About the Panama Ship Registry

A Ship Registry is so good as Who backs You up.

The Republic of Panama is proud to celebrate more than 100 years promoting seaborne trade through the Panama Ship Registry. It was created by Law 63 of December 15th of1917 with the establishment of the procedures for the nationalization of ships tonnage. Later, since 1925 the Panama Ship Registry accepts ships that belong to nationals and foreigners, under the condition of compliance of local and international standards related to navigation, maritime safety, prevention and control of pollution and manning, certification and watchkeeping of seafarers.

Panama is the world largest State-owned Ship Registry with more than 8,000 vessels registered, summing up 217 million GT, representing 17% of the world fleet, and continues to be selected by ship-owners due to our performance in the PSCs and our leading role as member of the category A of IMO Council, together with the States of largest interest in providing shipping services.

The Ship Registry is constantly innovating and optimizing processes of Registration, making them automated and simpler. The registration of a vessel takes maximum four hours, and we always ensure quality, and promptness to customers. For many years, Panama has been a leader of the ship mortgage registration. The ship mortgages under the Public Registry of Panama provide confidence to banks and to the international finance community.

Moreover, the Panama Ship Registry has a worldwide coverage through 53 Panamanian Consulates Privatives of Merchant Marine, 14 Segumar Offices and 8 Seafarers’ Documentation Services operating 24/7.

Our three pillars of commitment:

  1. Safety and Prevention - We are strongly committed to safety of human life, pollution prevention and navigation safety, ensuring strict compliance with all international regulations and conventions of the IMO, not only as legal and mandatory instruments but more outstandingly, in everyday practice.
  2. Sustainability – Sustainability is crucial in the maritime industry and this is the reason why the Panama Ship Registry promotes the efforts of ship-owners and shipbuilders who invest in technology that reduces pollution through the attractive programs incentives: Green and Eco ships.
  3. Economic - Competitive fees through a multiple discount scheme.
  1. Newbuilding vessels - Vessels registered in the Merchant Marine within five years from the date of the laying down of the keel
  2. MODUs ships - MODUs ships which can show that they have been registered in the Merchant Marine and who re-apply for registration no later than two years after this law comes into effect.
  3. Good performance - These incentives are also directed to vessels that have not been detained for any Port State Control inspection within a twenty-four month period, vessels belonging to economic groups, among other features.

Our competitive advantages:

  • Your investments are backed up by a national government.
  • No limitations regarding the ship’s construction country or the nationality of the seafarers.
  • Worldwide coverage.
  • 24/7 customer service.
  • Competitive price.
  • Quality service.