Recognized Organizations

The Section for the Control and Supervision of Recognized Organizations and Recognized Security Organizations (RO-RSO Section), was created, following the last RO-RSO Audit Plan carried out in accordance with the RO Code. It was noticed that a contact point was needed to centralize and manage all the information regarding Recognized Organizations and Recognized Security Organizations. This Section carries out its functions under the supervision of the International Office of Maritime Safety HO in Panama (SEGUMAR Panama).

Those functions include the following;

  • Draft new circulars or modify the existing ones regarding everything related to RO's and RSO's.
  • Follow up to all instructions given to the RO's and RSO's regarding fees payable to the Administration.
  • Keep up to date all the files regarding RO's and RSO's with their respective delegations.
  • Keep a data base of authorized RO and RSO surveyors and auditors.
  • Follow up to all Mal Practice reports detected by the Departments of the General Directorate of Merchant Marine.
  • Verify and evaluate the RO's and RSO's performance on the different MOU's that is Administration has signed or is a part of.
  • Verify and evaluate the documentation presented by any Organization that wishes to be recognized by this Administration following our National Legislation and the RO Code.
  • Keep up to date the International Data Bases such as GISIS, with all the information regarding RO's and RSO's.

The RO-RSO Section also supports the auditors to coordinate the correspondent visits to new Organizations or already Recognized Organizations.

The contact point for the RO-RSO Section is as follows:

RO-RSO Section
Phone: +(507) 501-5351

(este sitio requiere de un usuario y un password que solo se le da a las OR que usan la plataforma para reportar certificados)